IndustrialLighting Solutions


Due to the excessive use of lighting by the industrial sector SoLuXima lighting has been made a bare neccessity for the all lighting aspects of the industrial sector. Industries can save up to 1KW per hour by just replacing ONE LIGHT.

 If an industrial facility used the lights only 9 hours a day they would save 3 MEGAWATTS per year. Now if that same facility were to change only 10 lights,they would save 30 megawatts per year,100 units would save 300 megawatts of electricity per year.

We don’t need to elaborate any further on the effect caused by an excessive 300 MEGAWATTS of electricity on the balance sheets of a company, we will leave that for a curious company accountant to calculate…Instead of the balance sheets, lets talk about something that will effect us forever,

It takes  over 120 metric tonnes of coal to generate 300mw, Leaving a permanent hole of 4800 cubic feet in the ground. which will never be refilled. Lets also not forget the excessive amount of additional fossil fuels burnt in order to transport and excavate that coal??

Did you know that by using only 1 of our lamps 10 hours a day in one year can save approximately:
-1.2 Tonnes of coal Burnt
Which Causes:
- 20 pounds of Sulfur Dioxide relased into the air (Main Cause of Acid Rain)
- 20 Pounds of Nitrogen Oxides Released into the air (Causes Smog and Acid Rain)
- 880 pounds of Carbon Dioxide Green house Gasses

Why wait?? Let’s start saving Today

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CommercialLighting Solutions

Thank you for visiting the commercial section of our site.  As a business owner or manager you may be familiar with some of the following obstacles:

- Do you find your business having to regularly change lighting every 6-12 months in order to maintain the right amount of light on your product display or the ambiance of your showroom?

- Do you find yourself frustrated with regularly having that “one or two” lights somewhere which are not working or need changing?

- Do you have to turn up your air-conditioning system to prevent your customers from being uncomfortable due to the sweltering heat caused by your halogen spotlights?

From our experience in working with commercial lighting solutions these are just some of the problems faced by business owners worldwide. Here at SoLuXima our range of spotlights and display solutions not only solve some of the most commonly faced frustrations of commercial lighting, but also provide a myriad of other benefits.

While you are reading this: SoLuXima Commercial Lighting Solutions are busy helping individual businesses worldwide save thousands of dollars on their monthly balance sheets.

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SoLuXima Technologies Limited

Office Address: Unit A 7/F., Pico Tower No. 66 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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